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All window film products are not created equally. Some have incredible marketing campaigns that draw you into a product line that everyone recognizes as a worthy brand. Some skew test results to make their products compete with the industry leading brands we carry. Some even go as far as claiming to have, or not have, key components that make their products unique to the industry. Let Sunshade North help with a clear perspective about window film products. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Over 30 years of experience with nearly all film manufacturers has led us to proudly represent Hüper Optik and Solar Gard Window Films.

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Hüper Optik (by Eastman Chemical) has led the industry in Nano-Ceramic technology. Their patented, German engineered ceramics flipped the industry on its ear back in 2001. Every single film manufacturer has tried to come up with a similar non-reflective product, as a result, but none are considered equal to Hüper Optiks patented products. All Hüper Optik films include their Premium Lifetime Warranty. The most extensive coverage available in the industry! Sunshade North Inc. was honored to be recognized as Huper Optik’s “Midwest Dealer of the Year” in 2016!

Solar Gard (by Saint Gobain) is one of the world’s largest producers of window films. They often make window film for many other brands (including that brand everyone recognizes). Solar Gard produces the best in metalized and dyed window film technology. Sunshade North has been in Solar Gard’s Panorama Elite dealer network since 1999.

Sunshade North offers consultation and provides free estimates for your window film needs. Sunshade North: “Your Windows, Only Better!”

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